I am now seeking to working part time rather than full time

My preferred work is:

  • That involves ongoing contact with a project or organisation over a period of years (now a lower priority , if I am to work part time!)
  • With organisations that recognise the importance of transparency, in their work and the work of others
  • With organisations who see the importance of not only achieving significant local impacts, but of replicating these by publicising the methods they have used and developed. AKA the production of public goods.
  • With organisations that are trying to make imaginative use of information technology, especially the world wide web, and the possibilities of large scale participation in the production and dissemination of knowledge via the web (and in all the associated debates and discussions)
  • That could involve applying, developing, testing and modifying any of the methods I have adapted or developed over the years, listed under “Rick’s Methods” on the Monitoring and Evaluation NEWS website and/or on the Rick on the Road blog. Including:
    • EvalC3, an Excel based set of data analysis tools  for developing, exploring and evaluating predictive models of expected outcomes. Suitable for the same sort of uses as Qualitative  Comparative Analysis software.
    • Social Network Analysis visualisation and analytic tools for articulating a project’s Theory of Change in a way that makes it evaluable. And the visualisation of qualitative data
    • Hierarchical Card Sorting, a simple tool for qualitative research and inquiry, also useful for planning and evaluation
    • Most Significant Change technique, for identifying and analysing unexpected and unquantifiable changes
    • The Basic Necessities Survey, for simple measurement of poverty status in a way that is democratic and rights based.
    • ParEvo, A web-assisted process enabling the participatory exploration of alternative futures
    • And other methods and possibilities listed there
  • On projects and programs which could be described as complex, because of the number and diversity of stakeholders involved, and probably the lack of a single organising authority.
  • On tasks that can be done from my base in Cambridge, reducing the number of tonnes of CO2 I would otherwise be helping to pour into the atmosphere, via international flights
    • Where this is not possible, work in countries I have worked in over the years, especially Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Uganda, Somaliland, and my homeland – Australia.


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