I am available for online consultations and one to one training

This will normally be done using Skype, including its screen share facility,  plus audio and video record, plus DropBox for file sharing and archiving of work done. Other tools like MS SharedView can also be useful

This package will enable us to: (a) talk to each other, and see each other (if both have video cams) , (b) view each other’s documents and edit each other’s documents, while online, (c) run through the uses of specific software packages, such as social network analysis software.

If you are interested to use this service please contact me by email first.  In that email: (a) propose an agenda for the work to be discussed, (b) attach any preparatory reading necessary, (c) give an indication of the preferred day, time and duration of the call.

If you are an existing client the cost will be at the same per day rate as already agreed, but charged per hour (i.e. at 1/8 of the day rate, per hour). Significant prior reading may also need to be charged for.


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